Department of Food service management and Dietetics (self financing)

We offer two-year post graduate program in Food Service Management and Dietetics. This course is multidisciplinary in nature. It draws knowledge from disciplines such as Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Sociology, Biostatistics, Food Science and Management. This program focuses on upgrading the competencies of serving personnel in food service establishments like dietitians, councelors etc.  The role of dietitians is to link between the patient and medical team in assisting difficult decisions making about nutrition care.Some of the people think that dietitians, as their name implies, only give out diets to make individuals lose weight, while this is only a small part of their role. There are various specialized areas in dietetics like mentioned below. 

Clinical Dietitians: They are specialists in food nutrition services in hospitals, clinics or private practices. They evaluate patient nutrition, produce dietary plans, offer patient counselling, and monitor patient's progress.
Community Dietitians: They work in public health agencies, fitness clubs, and day care centers. They advise people on food choices and direct programmes in nutrition awareness and how to prevent diseases.
Management Dietitians: They are specialize in food service systems or clinical management. They work in hospitals, nursing homes,cafeterias,school food service, and restaurants. They manage personnel, plan and according to that conduct employee training programmes. They also design food systems, and plan budgets accordingly.
Consultant Dietitians: They are independent business people & work as nursing home consultants, book authors, and patient counselors in medical centers and fitness programmes. They also develop and evaluate food service systems and serve as independent advisors to the industry.