Exam Notification

Extension of Fee Payment -P.G Semester I Examinations (Regular/Betterment/Supplementary)

Supplementary Examination of Postgraduate (CSS) Programmes (Semester I) (2016 Admissions)

 End-Semester Examination of PG (CSS) Programmes Semester I (2018 Admissions-Regular & 2017 Admissions -Supplementary)

Postponing Examination-U.G Sem I

■ Postponing Examination-U.G Sem III Betterment

■ UG Semester 1 Examination Notification 2018 Admission

■ P.G Sem III Regular / Supplementary November-2018

UG Semester III Examinations/Regular – October 2018

UG Semester III-Examinations /Betterment -October 2018

UG Semester V Examinations /Regular -October 2018

UG, PG Second  Semester Examination Result Notification  

■ Rescheduling of Special Supplementary PG Examinations August 2018

■ Postponement of Examinations – PG (CSS) Special Supplementary

■  Grace Marks for the year 2017-2018 

■  PG Fourth Semester Examination Result Notification 

■  UG Fourth Semester Examination Result Notification 

■  Special Supplementary Examinations – P G

■  End-Semester Examination of  PG (CSS) Programmes (Semester II) (Regular 2017 Admissions) 

■  End-Semester Examination of PG (CSS) Programmes (Semester II) Supplementary/Betterment (2016 admissions) 

■  U.G Fourth Semester Exam Time Table

■  UG End Semester Examination of Semester II Regular Students (2017 Admissions)

■  UG End Semester Examination of Semester II Betterment/Supplementary Students (2016 Admissions)

■  Submission of Application for  U.G Sem IV Examinations March 2018

■  End-Semester Examination of Postgraduate (CSS) Programmes (Semester IV)

■  End-Semester Examination of CBCSS Undergraduate Programmes (Semester IV)

■  Notification-Domestic Valuation of PG Sem.I Examinations –Dec-2017

■  Postponement of Examinations (PG)

Domestic Valuation of U.G Sem I- Examinations –Nov-2017

■  Domestic Valuation of PG Sem.III Examinations –Nov-2017

■  End-Semester Examination of Postgraduate (CSS) Programmes (Semester 1) Supplementary 

■  End-Semester Examination of Postgraduate (CSS) Programmes (Semester 1)

■  In-Semester Assessment (ISA) Mark

■  Postponement of Examination

■  Change in the Examination time

■  Extension of Time for Applying for Supplementry Examination

■ End-Semester Exam Notification (Semester 1 UG) 

 In-Semester Exam Notification (Semester 1 PG)

End-Semester Examination Notification (Semester 3 PG)

End-Semester Examination Notification (Semester 3 UG)

In-Semester Exam Notification (Semester 2 PG)

End-Semester Exam Notification (Semester 2 UG)

End-Semester Exam Notification (Semester 1 PG)

End-Semester Exam Notification (Semester 1 UG)