Internal Examinations

UG Programmes

General rules applicable to admissions prior to 2013 and admissions with effect from 2013

The curriculum for UG programmes is Choice Based Credit and Semester System with direct grading scheme, for admissions with effect from 2009 onwards. This has been changed to indirect grading scheme, for admissions with effect from 2013. Eligibility for admissions, norms for admissions, reservation of seats for UG programmes shall be according to the rules framed by the University from time to time.

The evaluation of the course contains two parts

     (i) Internal or In Semester Assessment (ISA)

     (ii) External or End Semester Assessment (ESA)

Admissions prior to 2013 (Direct Grading System for III, IV, V, VI Semesters)

Programme Structure

a          Programme Duration                                                                      6 Semesters

b          Total Credits required for successful completion                      120

            of the programme

c          Minimum Credits required from common courses                    38

d         Minimum Credits required from Core + complementary

            + vocational* Courses including Project                                        78

e          Minimum Credits required from Open course                              4

f          Minimum attendance required                                                          75%

* The credit distribution for vocational courses is to be decided separately.

Internal Evaluation

Components of Internal Evaluation

Component                                                 Weight

Attendance                                                               1

Assignment                                                              1

Seminar/Viva                                                          1

Test paper                                                                2

Attendance :

% of Attendance                                        Grade

Above 90                                                                A

Between 85 and 90                                              B

Between 80 and 85                                              C               

Between 75 and 80                                               D

Less than 75                                                            E

Assignments :

Best out of two assignments is considered for grading a course

Seminar/Viva : The student has to take a minimum of one Seminar per course.

Test paper : Best out of two tests is considered for grading a course.

External examinations

The External examination of all semesters shall be conducted by the university at the end of each semester.

  1. Admissions with Effect from 2013

(Indirect Grading System for I and II Semesters)

Programme Structure

  1. Programme Duration 6 Semesters
  2. Total Credits required for successful completion

         of the programme                                                                                                     120

  1. Minimum Credits required from common courses 38
  2. Minimum Credits required from Core + complementary

         + vocational* courses including Project                                                             79

  1. Minimum Credits required from Open course 3
  2. Minimum attendance required 75 %

The internal to External assessment ratio shall be 1:4, for both courses with or without practical. There shall be a maximum of 80 marks for external evaluation and maximum of 20 marks for internal evaluation. For all courses (theory & practical), grades are given on a 07-point scale based on the total percentage of marks. (ISA+ESA) as given below

Pereentage of Marks        Grade                 Grade Point

90 and above                            A+ Outstanding                   10

80-89                                         A – Excellent                          9

70-79                                         B – Very Good                        8

60-69                                         C – Good                                 7

50-59                                         D – Satisfactory                      6

40-49                                         E – Adequate                           5

Below 40                                   F – Failure                                               4

Note: Decimals are to be rounded to the next whole number

For all courses without practical

Marks of theory – External examination: 80

Marks of theory – Internal examination: 20

Components of Internal Evaluation                     Marks

Attendance                                                                                  5

Assignment / Seminar/ Viva                                                   5

Test paper (s) (1 or 2)

(1 X 10 = 10; 2 X 5 = 10)                                                         10

Total                                                                                     20

Marks of Practical –   External examination:                     40

(only in even semesters)

Marks of Practical –   Internal examination: 20

(odd and even semesters combined annually)

Assignments: Assignments are to be done from 1st to 4th Semesters. A minimum of one assignment should be done in each semester:

Seminar/Viva: A student shall present a seminar in the 5 th semester and appear for Viva-voce in the 6 th semester.

Test Papers: Two internal test – papers are to be attended in each semester for each course. For common course English, internal oral examination shall be conducted instead of test paper in I semester.

Project Evaluation: The project is to be identified during semester II and the report of the project is to be submitted in the sixth semester.

Internal Evaluation: 20 Marks, External Evaluation: 80 Marks

External Evaluation: University conducts examination for each course at the end of each semester.

PG Programmes

Credit semester system (CSS) is followed for all PG Programmes from the academic year 2012 – 2013.

The admission to all PG Programmes shall be as per the rules and regulations of the University.

There are three components for the programme viz. core course, elective course and project spread over four semesters.

The total minimum credits required for completing a PG Programme is 80.


The evaluation scheme for each course shall contain two parts; (a) internal evaluation and (b) external evaluation

Weightage of internal evaluation: 25%

Weightage of external evaluation: 75%

Direct grading system based on a 5 – point scale is used to evaluate the performance (External and Internal Examination of students)

A separate minimum of C grade is required for a pass for both internal evaluation and external evaluation for every course

Internal Evaluation: Components

Assignments: One assignment per course

Seminar: One seminar per course

Test Papers: Minimum two test – papers per course. The weighted average shall be considered for grading a course.


Project Work

Every student should undertake a project work as a part of the curriculum. There will be internal as well as external evaluation of the project.

External Evaluation:

University will conduct examinations for each course at the end of every semester. Project evaluation and a comprehensive viva voce will be conducted at the end of the programme.