Zoology Faculty

Dr. Sosamma Oommen

Head of the Department

Education: B.Sc., Kerala University, 1983
M.Sc., M G University., 1985
M. Phil., Madras University, 1992
Ph.D., MG University, 1999
B.Ed., Kerala University, 1986

Area of Specialization: Vermitechnology, Microbial biochemistry

Email: sosamma@cmscollege.ac.in

Awards & Recognition:


ZY1CT03                  Biochemistry

ZY1CT04                   Practical 1, Computer Application,

ZY2CP10                   Practical 2 : Genetics , Bioinformatics

ZY2CT09                  Biophysics, Instrumentalait Biological techniques

ZY3CT13                   Microbiology and biotechnology

ZY4AET03               Applied Entomology


ZY6B15U                  Applied Entomology, Management of ornamental fish breeding  

                                         Vermiculate and beekeeping

ZY5D02U                 Human genetics, Nutrition, Community health and sanitation