Library Staff

  1. Siby Sebastian, (UGC Librarian-in-charge)  Mob: 9846720657,
  2. Sindhumol Rachel Varghese (Library Assistant)
  3. Biju Mathew (Library Assistant)
  4. Elizabeth Abraham, (Library Assistant).


Library Advisory Committee

Chairman: - Dr.Roy Sam Daniel (Principal)

Secretary: - Siby Sebastian (Librarian-in charge)                                                                                             


1Dr. Varghese C JoshuaVice-Principal 
2Dr. P.RrajagopalPhysics(Head of the Dept.)
3 Cinny Rachel Mathew English(Head of the Dept.)
4 Mini Mariam Zachariah Malayalam(Head of the Dept.)
5 Abraham K Samuel Mathematics(Head of the Dept.)
6 Dr. Tomy James  Chemistry(Head of the Dept.)
7 Dr Sosamma Oommen Zoology(Head of the Dept.)
8Dr.  Mini Chacko Botany(Head of the Dept.)
9Dr.  Miriam Mani Family and Community Science(Head of the Dept.)
10 Dr. Amrutha Rrinu Abraham Sociology  (Head of the Dept.)
11 Radhika G History  (Head of the Dept.)
12 Shavas Sheriff Economics  (Head of the Dept.)
13 Dr. Tomy Mathew Commerce(Head of the Dept.)
14 Ashok Alex Luke Political Science(Head of the Dept.)
15Dr.  Marry Eapen Statistics(Head of the Dept.)
16 Shija Grace Hindi(Head of the Dept.)
17 Dr. Charls A Joseph Physical Education(Head of the Dept.)
18 A J Varghese   Administrative Assistant