To wipe the Tears of the least of these

To wipe the Tears of the least of these…

The CMS College’s two hundred years of legacy of care for the weak has a tremendous influence on her students in moulding a humanitarian feeling in them. The urge to help the needy and the deserving in the society thus gains top priority in their thoughts and deeds. The department of Commerce (SF) has manifested a magnificent model in this regard.

                When the teachers and students came to know of the pathetic state of one of the members, the department as a family came immediately to her aid in a wonderful manner. The affected member is doing her first year degree course.

                Her widowed mother with two hapless children struggled hard to meet their needs as the sudden demise of her husband, threw her off balance. The bereaved family received little help from their relatives or community. An unpaid loan of Rs. Three lakhs and its interest crushed them. The house unmaintained was almost in ruins with leaky roof and damp walls. The three inmates were left unprotected.

The Head of the Department coming to know of this pathetic condition of the family, discussed the matter with the faculty and student representatives. The Department decided to renovate her house and plans were made accordingly.

                The student community immediately responded to the  proposal and with collections from students, faculty members and other well wishers, the department completed the house with aluminium roofing and flooring with vitrified tiles and electrification. The department is thankful to the firm who supplied sufficient vitrified tiles at half rate. The approximate cost of the contribution from the department is around Rs. 2.65 lakhs. The sacrifice and generosity of the students and faculty bore fruit and the house was renovated.

On 30th March 2019, the house was blessed jointly by Rev. Jacob George, Bursar of CMS College and Rev. Deebu Aby John, The Vicar of St. Mathews CSI Church Kattampakkal in the presence of Dr. Roy Sam Daniel, Principal CMS College, the HOD Dr. Samkutty George, Staff and students of Department of Commerce CMS College.