If a book is not returned on the due date or when recalled, a fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be levied until the book is returned. If the Library is not open the book (s) may be returned without fine on the next day on which the Library is open. In reckoning fines for delay in returning books, intervening holidays will not be considered a valid reason for not returning books on due dates.


If a book is damaged or defaced in some manner or if a book is lost by a member he/she shall pay the cost of the book including postage etc. and / or a fine to be levied at the discretion of the Librarian, within the time fixed by him/her.


If one book of a set is damaged or lost by a member he/ she must replace it by a new copy of the same edition. If such a copy is not available he/she shall replace the whole set within the time prescribed by the Librarian. If a member happens to recover a lost volume after having replaced it or paid the value thereof he/she shall not be permitted to redeem the new copy or its price.