Santhwana Counselling Centre

College years can be stressful for many students. As a fellow student, faculty, or staff member, you may be the first to recognize when someone needs help. In this role, you are often the one who can guide that student to professional resources. In Santhwana Counselling Centre, the staff and students find a place of comfort and solace where they open up and seek support and guidance for their various problems through Peer Counseling, De-addition etc. It holds sessions on areas such as Group involvement and Confidence Building. Smt. Anju Sosan George, Dept. of English co-ordinates the activities of Santhwana. The service of a professional counselor is available for students in the campus on all Thursdays.

For help and guidance, call the Santhwana Helpline: +91 944 724 0362,
Or, Smt. Leena Mathew (College Counselor): +91 974 525 7063