Expected Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

Cognitive Level PSO.No.
1 Outline the history and structure of animal cell U 1
2 Illustrate the techniques, procedure and growth patterns of animal cell culture. Ap 3
3 Describe the in vitro applications of animal cell culture U 3
4 Distinguish the structure of gametes and its application in animal cell culture. U 3
5 Use the assisted reproductive technology practised in livestock and its applications Ap 3
6 Construct the techniques in production of cloned animal and its applications. Ap 3
7 Predict the ethical, social and moral issues related to cloning C 4
8 Construct techniques involved in transgenic animal technology and its applications Ap 3
9 Apply the applications of Gene therapy for the treatment of various diseases. Ap 3
10 Identify and recall the basic concepts of structural and functional aspects of macromolecules R 1
11 Recall and differentiate Biosynthesis, and properties of natural materials (proteins, DNA, and polysaccharides) and its structure-property relationships R 3
12 Recall and explain the techniques and applications of nanoparticles in Drug and gene delivery system, Microfabrication, Biosensors, Chip technologies, Nano-imaging and in related fields U 2