Course Outcomes


Expected Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

Cognitive Level PSO No.
1 Explain the structure and properties of carbohydrates. An 6
2 Describe the reducing action of sugars. R 1
3 Classify lipids with examples. Ap 2
4 Combine the structure and functions of lipids. C 3
5 Define saponification number, acid number and iodine number of fats. R 1
6 Identify the structure of aminoacids. R 1
7 Classify proteins with functions. Ap 2
8 Illustrate the structure of proteins. Ap 2
9 Describe the denaturation of proteins. R 1
10 Discuss the structure of DNA. E 5
11 Describe the structure and functions of RNA. R 1
12 Judge the denaturation of nucleic acids. E 5

*PSO – Program Specific Outcome; R-Remember; U-Understanding; Ap-Apply; An-Analyze; E-Evaluate; C-Create