Course Outcomes

CO No.

Expected Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, The students will be able to:

Cognitive Level PSO No
1 Draw the structure of water. R 1
2 Recognize the different types of bonds involved in interactions in aqueous systems. R 1
3 Predict the ionization of water, strong and weak acids and bases and their dissociation. C 3
4 Apply the concepts of pH and buffers. Ap 2
5 Describe the structure of biological membrane. R 1
6 Identify the membrane proteins. R 1
7 Categorize the transport mechanisms across cell membranes. An 6
8 Recognize Donnan equilibrium. R 1
9 Describe the structure of chloroplast. R 1
10 Investigate photosynthesis. An 6
11 Describe biological nitrogen fixation. R 1
12 Analyze the basic techniques in biochemistry. An 6