Sl.No. PSO.No.  

Intended Programme Specific Outcomes

Upon completion of B.Sc. Botany and Biotechnology Programme, the graduates will be able to:

1 BT PSO-1 Recall the fundamentals of Biotechnology which would enable them to comprehend the emerging and advanced engineering concepts in life sciences. 1
2 BT PSO- 2 Apply the acquired conceptual knowledge by connecting disciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects of biotechnology. 6
3 BT PSO-3 Propose the technological knowhow in domains of biotechnology for their applications in industry and research. 2
4 BT PSO-4 Identify the importance of bioethics, IPR, entrepreneurship, ecotourism so as to usher in the next generation of Indian Industrialists and Naturalists. 1, 4
5 BT PSO-5 Evaluate the need and impact of scientific solutions on the environment and the society, keeping in view of their sustainable development. 5
6 BT PSO-6 Analyze the knowledge gained in Biotechnology for lifelong learning. 1, 6
7 BY PSO-1 Identify the different groups of botany and appreciate plant diversity. 1, 5
8 BY PSO-2 Understand the current developments in the different areas of botany. 6
9 BY PSO-3 Analyze and apply the methodologies and techniques learnt during the course of studying botany. 6
10 BY PSO-4 Integrate the knowledge acquired in botany to solve problem, take real time decisions and innovate, while working with plants. 1, 2
11 BY PSO-5 Share social and environmental consciousness with their fellow citizens. 4, 5
12 PSO-LG Organize and deliver relevant applications of knowledge through effective written, verbal, graphical/virtual communications and interact productively with people from diverse backgrounds 3

BY – Botany, BT – Biotechnology, PSO – Program Specific Outcome, LG – Language