Intended Programme Specific Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.Sc. Botany Degree Programme, the graduates will be able to:

1 PSO-1 Identify the different groups of botany and appreciate plant diversity 1,5
2 PSO-2 Understand the current developments in the different areas of Botany 6
3 PSO-3 Analyze and apply the methodologies and techniques learnt during the course of studying botany 6
4 PSO-4 Integrate the knowledge acquired in botany to solve problem, take real time decisions and innovate, while working with plants 1,2
5 PSO-5 Share social and environmental consciousness with their fellow citizens 5,4
6 PSO-6 Use concept, tools and techniques related to Chemistry and Zoology to acquire knowledge and its application in Botany 6
7 PSO-LG Organize and deliver relevant applications of knowledge through effective written verbal, graphical/ virtual communication and interact productively with people from diverse background. 3