Module Course Description Hrs CO. No.
1.0 Plant genomic DNA Isolation 6


1.1 Autoclaving microtips, microcentrifuge tubes and water for DNA extraction 1
1.2 Preparation of solutions for DNA isolation 1
1.3 Performing protocol based isolation(Inculding various centrifugation and incubation steps 4
2.0 Evaluating the extraction efficiency using Agarose gel electrophoresis (AGE) 4 2


2.1 Preparation of TBE buffer, staining dye, and Ethidium bromide stock solutions and working solutions 1
2.2 Preparation of agarose gel, casting the gel and loading of extracted plant DNA samples 1
2.3 Running AGE, photodocumentation of DNA bands using UV transilluminator and estimating DNA size by comparing with molecular size standards. 2
3.0 Quantitative analysis of extracted DNA using UVSpectrophotometry 2 3
3.1 Measure OD for the pure DNA preparations at specific wavelengths  
4.0 Molecular phylogenetic analysis 6 4
4.1 Access online databases for related sequences from known organisms 2
4.2 Learning MEGA software 2
4.3 Construct Neighbour joining tree using MEGA software 1
4.4 Interpret phylogenies and identify organisms according to their evolutionary relationships 1


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