Assistant Professor


  • B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Kerala, 2009
  • M.Sc. Chemistry, University of Kerala, 2011

  • Ph.D., University of Kerala, 2022

Area of Specialization

  • Non-covalent Interactions on the Reducing Properties of Cystines and Selenocystines
  • Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on the Cleavage of Dichalcogenide Bridges in Cystines and Selenocystines
  • Structural Stability and Reducing Properties of Polyhedral Compounds (thiaboranes and dithiacarbaboranes)and Cyclic Compounds (bicyclic dithia compounds and thiacyclophanes)
  • Host-guest chemistry (thiacrown ethers)
  • A DFT study on the cleavage of dichalcogenide bridges in cystines and selenocystines: Effect of hydrogen bonding. Elambalassery G. Jayasree and Chinthu Sukumar. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 512 (2020) 119897.
  • A theoretical insight into the reducing properties of bicyclic dithia hydrocarbons and hetero-bicyclic dithiolopyrrolone compounds with rotation-restricted planar disulfide linkage. Elambalassery G. Jayasree, Chinthu Sukumar and Suseeladevi Asha. Structural Chemistry 32 (2021) 107-113.
  • Integrating redox-response in crown ethers by disulfide incorporation: A computational approach. Elambalassery G. Jayasree and Chinthu Sukumar. Structural Chemistry32 (2021): 1833-1842.
  • Mixed monolayer protected gold atom–oxide cluster synthesis and characterization. Sindhu R. Nambiar, Padamadathil K. Aneesh, Chinthu Sukumar & Talasila P. Rao, , Nanoscale 4 (2012) 4130–4137.