Department of Dietetics & Food Service Management

The PG programme in Dietetics & Food Service Management aims to improve the health of people through nutrition. The mission is to provide students with a broad educational background in the science of food, nutrition, diet and food service management. Nutrition and Dietetics is a vital growing field and the opportunities and possibilities in this field are endless. The field of nutrition & dietetics is a multi dimensional field with practical application in our day-to-day lives. With its dynamic and interesting curriculum, this course aims at producing versatile candidates in the field of nutrition and dietetics

The Curriculum of M.Sc. Dietetics & Food Service Management was designed in such a way that it ensures academic consistency, professionalism in students and also provides a workable structure for the educator. The subjects covered in the post graduate programme are many with Dietetics, Human Physiology, Statistics, Public Health Nutrition, Sports Nutrition,

Biochemical changes in diseases, Research Methodology, Food Microbiology, Food Facilities and Layout, Equipments, Food Service Management etc., with Project/dissertation and Internship.

The students undergo internship training as a part of their course curriculum in Hospitals and Star Hotels. Thus the curriculum throw light on each and every area of the core courses and also provides professional experiences in core subjects and thereby enhance skills of students to meet industry requirements and succeed in the professional environment.

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