Botany Faculty

Dr. Mini Chacko

Vice Principal & Associate Professor

Education: BSc., Madras University, 1985
MSc., Madras University, 1987
M.Phil., Madras University, 1988
Ph.D., Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, 2010

Area of Specialization: Mycology, Biotechnology


Awards & Recognition:

PC 2    Mycology and crop Pathology
PC 8    Biochemistry
PC 9     Biostatistics
PE 1    Tissue Culture
BO1B01U    Methodology and Perspectives of Science
BO2B02U    General Informatics and methodologies in Plant Sciences
BO5B05U    Mycology
BO5B06U    Environmental Studies
BO6B09U     Biochemistry
BO6B12U    Biotechnology