Zoology Faculty

Dr. Nisha P Aravind

Assistant Professor

Education: B.Sc., Mysore University, 2000
M.Sc., Mysore University, 2002
B.Ed., RIE (Mysore) , 2000

Area of Specialization: Macro benthos, Marine biology

Email: nishaparavind@cmscollege.ac.in

Awards & Recognition:

ZY1CT02                   Evolutionary Biology & Ethology

ZY1CT04                   Biostatistics, Computer Application & Research Methodology

ZY2CT07                   Genetics & Bio- inforamtics

ZY2CP10                   Practical 2- Ecology, Genetics, Bioinformation, Development Biology

ZY3CT13                   Microbiology & Biotechnology

ZY3CP15                   Practical 3- Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Biotechnology

ZY4AET02               Anatomy, Physiology

ZY1B01U                   General Methodology & Perspective in Science

ZY1B01U                   Practical

ZY2B02U                  Biodiversity & Modern systematic

ZY2B02u                   Practical

ZY5D02U                  Human genetics, Nutrition , Community health & Sanitation

ZY5B08U                 Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Endocrinology

ZY6B11U                   Microbiology & Immunology




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  10. Haritha Prasad and Nisha P Aravind Green Synthesis of Silver nanoparticles and its antimicrobial activity Life Sciences Inernational Research Journal. Dec 2018 pp 93-99, ISSN 2347-8691Vol5 Issue 2 SE Impact Factor87.

Books published

  1. Co-author in ‘Cell and Molecular Biology’ published by the Zoological Society of Kerala. August 2013 Edition
  2. Co-author in ‘Invertebrate Diversity’ published by the Zoological Society of Kerala. November 2018 Edition


International/National Seminars

  1. P.Aravind, Sheeba P, K.K Balachandran, Kesavadas V and C.T Achuthankutty. A comparison of macrobenthic variability in a tidal river estuary (Cochin backwaters) and an Enclosed basin (Kakinada Bay)-Paper presented in 7th Asia Pacific Marine Biotechnology Conference (2nd Nov-5th Nov 2006)
  2. P.Aravind, Sheeba P, Martin G.D, K.K Balachandran, Impact of Organic enrichment on macrobenthic diversity of Cochin Estuary –Paper presented in Kerala Women Science Congress(10-12 August 2010) Organised by Shakti (National movement for Women) and St. Teresa’s College
  3. One day seminar on World Brain Awarneness Week-2011 organised at CMS college, Kottayam (17th March 2011)
  4. UGC-National Seminar on Biodiversity :Present Status and Future Concerns-December 13-14, 2011 Organised by P.G Dept. Of Zoology, Alphonsa College, Pala.
  5. Jobin Mathew, Dr. Nish P Aravind and  Prof. C. S. Paulose. Effect of bacopa monnieri and bacoside-a in the gene expression of gad65 in temporal lobe epileptic rats 24th Kerala science congress, Rubber Research Institute of india, Rubber Board, Kottayam, Kerala (January 2012)
  6. UGC-National Seminar on Marine Biodiversity-Status, Opportunities and Challenges-March 15-16, 2012 Organised by Dept. Of Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry, CUSAT, Cochin
  7. One day seminar on Bioinformatics organized by the Department of Zoology, Government college, Kottayam on 13th February 2013
  8. Nisha P Aravind, Shinu A P, Dr. Mary Chandy A preliminary study on the Avi fauna from the wetlands of kumarakom. Paper presented at 23rd Swadeshi Science Congress conducted on Nov 6-8, 2013
  9. Nisha P Aravind*, Manoj A K, Dr. Jobin Mathew, Dr. Mary Chandy., Icthyofauna of Vembanad Lake adjacent to Kumarakom. Paper presented at National seminar on ‘Marine and Coastal Biodiversity and its conservation for future generations’ organized by Department of Zoology, St Stephen’s College Pathanapuram from 22nd to 23rd September 2014.
  10. UGC national seminar on Biodiversity conservation threats and challenges organised by department of zoology, University College, Thiruvananthapuram on 18th and 19th August 2015
  11. Invited talk on ‘Darwinism in Society’ organised by Zoological Society of Kerala at Ashirbhavan, Kacheripadi on 21st September 2017.
  12. Lajitha K G and Nisha P Aravind Toxic effect of the leaf extracts on the mortality of pests in stored grains and products. Paper presented in 27th Swadeshi Science Congress held at Amritha Viswa Vidhyapeetham, Amritha University, Amrithapuri Campus, Kollam from 7th to 9th November 2017.
  13. Krishnapriya M K and Nisha P Aravind, A preliminary study on the Lepidopteran Diversity around the premises of CMS College, Kottayam. Paper presented at UGC sponsored National seminar on Agroforestry with special reference to Apiculture organised by the Department of Zoology, CMS College, Kottayam on 7th and 8th December 2017