icaap & sp @Cms

(In Honour of S. R Srinivasa Varadhan
& Prof. K. B. Athreya)

4-8 January 2021, CMS College Kottayam


Nicknamed God’s Own Country, Kerala has something to offer to every traveler come knocking it’s doors – may that be a adventure junky or a history nerd. Backwaters to the Western Ghats that home tropical rain forests and beaches to rustic village life, Kerala has a complete package laid out for the explorers.
The factor that make this southern most strip of India one of the top tourist destinations in the world is also the tourist-friendly atmosphere. The state enjoys a high literacy rate and that reflects in the hospitality of it’s people. Another major reason for the state’s popularity as a travel destination is the economy factor – those who want to spend money can opt for a royal treatment and those on a tight budget can enjoy the same without putting a hole in their pockets.