CMS college is to put in place various standard operating procedures and policies which are aimed to provide a continuous and sustainable development of its facilities.

The Management council is to periodically review the policies and key actions towards the achievement of the College Vision and Mission, especially the attainment of its excellence in education.

The College Council is to forward the requirements of infrastructures to the main committees. These committees are to analyze the requirements and forward it to the Finance committee to prepare a budget. Funds allotted and works are frequently monitored through the periodic meetings of the committees.

The College Council, Staff Heads Council and IQAC are also constantly analyzing the requirements for improving the overall academic ambience of the College.

Procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic facilities:

A core team is to be constituted consisting of the Principal, Management Representative, Estate Manager, Department HODs, Teaching Staff secretary, Non-Teaching Staff secretary to directly take care of the classrooms, faculty rooms, administrative block, seminar halls, auditorium, hostels, gardens, laboratories, sports facilities, gymnasium etc. The procedures given below are to be adopted for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities:

a) Estate Manager takes care of all the civil work and the physical maintenance with sufficient approvals from the building committee.

b) Housekeeping and cleaning of premises/facilities are ensured under the supervision of staff-in-charge.

c) Seminar halls, auditorium, gymnasium are allotted based on a booking system.

d) Each department has its own trained and dedicated staff to maintain laboratory equipment under the guidance of a lab-in-charge faculty member, Sophisticated testing equipment are allotted based on a booking system. Annual maintenance contracts are in place with suppliers for the maintenance of laboratory equipment.

e) Library committee functions to ensure the constant enrichment of the library collection at the Collins Library and improve optimal usage.


Given the diversity of laboratory operations, each laboratory policy is customized to suit the individual need of the discipline. All potential laboratory hazards are identified, and proximity is warned against. All stages of an investigation, from design through completion, must consider safety as a guiding principle.

Procedures for maintaining and utilizing IT facilities

A dedicated System Administrator for IT facilities is responsible for setting the standards and procedures for procurement, maintenance and upgradation of IT-infrastructure. It ensures legal and appropriate use of IT infrastructure on campus and lays down strategies for secure access of Network Resources. There are clear strategies for Backup of Server Data.

Procedures for maintaining and utilizing sports facilities:

The sports equipment, gymnasium, playground and various courts are supervised and maintained by the Physical Education Department. The college has two dedicated faculty on rolls along with instructors and coaches for volleyball, wrestling, kabaddi and cricket. They are also facilitated with ground men who maintain and clean facilities and grounds. Ground levelling and other repairs are done annually during the summer vacation. The proper utilization and maintenance of the Sports. Infrastructure is the responsibility of the Faculty of the Physical Education Department. A Stock Register of the Sports equipment is kept in the department and an annual stock verification is performed. First aid kit is kept handy for meeting potential trauma.

Water and Waste Management

Policies are maintained and regularly modified for the proper management of water facilities and waste management.

There are operative solid, liquid and waste management systems available on campus. Adequate dustbin facilities are available.

The college has a fully functional biogas plant and vermicomposting for biodegradable waste, and an incinerator for plastic and paper waste. Regular supervision of the estate manager helps to maintain them in an optimal working condition.

There are Reverse Osmosis (RO) water plants available for clean drinking water facilities and this is regularly monitored and maintained.

Hostel infrastructure

The responsibility of periodic repair of the hostel infrastructure is vested on the warden who informs the estate manager for resolution. For major infrastructural augmentation, the estate manager consults with the Principal and necessary steps are taken.

Hills are prepared, fees and refunds are managed by the estate manager’s office at the Neve Square.. An admission register, complaint book and movement register is kept in the hostel office and entries are to be reviewed.


The canteen is to be maintained by the college under the direct supervision of the Principal. An efficient canteen committee oversees the requirements of the canteen. The Home Science Department finalizes the menu for each day.

The complaints regarding canteen maintenance can be registered in the infrastructure complaint book and regular supervision is done.

Solar and Electrical Power Maintenance

The solar system is maintained by the electrical engineering department, which is functioning 24×7

Full-time Electricians and plumbers in each campo preview the maintenance of all electronic and electrical equipment such as lights AC UPS, lifts, intercoms, and batteries. These items are maintained monthly, and the condition or status of the equipment is entered in the Electrical Log book

Contractors are called in when there are major flaws, and the flaws are analysed, reports are submitted, and the flaws are corrected. In cases of replacement, quotations are called and purchases are made as per college policy. Reports of the same are submitted to the Director-Infrastructure on completion of work.

Procedures for maintaining and utilizing other supporting facilities:

The Purchase committee: Subject to Government of Kerala’s Stores Purchase Manual (G.O (P) No.3/2013/SPD, dated 21.06.2013), the purchase committee will collect and compile list of equipment, computers, chemicals, apparatus, glassware, and other miscellaneous items required throughout the year by the office and the departments. Afterwards they manage tendering procedures from the manufacturers, suppliers and dealers until the goods/equipment are delivered. The committee ensures the quality and standard of goods. In the event of disagreement in the Purchase Committee, the matter will be referred to the competent authority for final decision.

Building Committee: The building committee maintains the existing buildings and helps construct new buildings and the committee will arrange for maintenance of the college building. adopt schemes for renovation if and when necessary, select engineer (architect where technical expertise is required for execution, and supervise construction works if done departmentally.

IQAC: The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) functions for improving overall quality of the institution. The cell takes care of special projects under grants such as UGC, Special Heritage, RUSA, DBT Star College, B.Voc, Autonomy etc. They also help teachers in matters of promotion through CAS, maintain IT policy etc.