The CMS College management Board consists of thirteen members. The Board meets a minimum of four times a year and takes all important decisions concerning the governance of the college. The present Board members are:


1. Most Rev. Thomas K Oommen – Moderator of CSI, Bishop of Madhya Kerala Diocese; Manager
of CMS College Kottayam (Chairman)

2. Rev. Thomas Paikad – Treasurer, CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese

3. Rev. John Issac – Clergy Secretary, CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese

4. Dr. Simon John – Lay Secretary, CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese

5. Mr. Jacob Philip – Registrar, CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese

6. Rev. Jacob George – Bursar,  CMS College Kottayam

7. Mr. Jacob Philip Monkuzhy – Secretary, Higher Education Board, CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese

8. Prof. C.A. Abraham –  Rtd. Principal,  CMS College Kottayam

9. Dr. Thomas P Mathew – Rtd. Principal,  UC College, Aluva

10. Dr. Koshy P Chacko – Rtd. Principal, Titus II Teachers Training College, Thiruvalla

11. Prof. Muse Mary George – Head, Department of Malayalam, UC College, Aluva

12. Dr. Mini Chacko – Vice Principal, CMS College Kottayam

13. Dr. Roy Sam Daniel – Principal, CMS College Kottayam (Secretary)