Dr. Varghese C Joshua assumes office as the 28th Principal of CMS College

Dr Varghese C Joshua succeeds Dr Roy Sam Daniel as the new guardian concierge of CMS College at a most strategic point. His ascent to the post of Principal of CMS College, today, is almost historic as it is watched over by the rage of a world pandemic and escorted by a mammoth change in the set notions of academics. The world of academia in the COVID world demands a dynamic vision and planning par excellence which will very hopefully be fulfilled through the person of Dr Varghese C Joshua.
And what puts most apprehensions at rest is the brilliant track record that precedes this promising visionary and administrator. This Head of the Mathematics department of CMS College has completed a 25 year stint here from his appointment as lecturer in 1994. He has authored about 30 publications and has collaborated with research projects both within and outside India. He has found inclusion in the list of queuing theorists identified by Windsor University, Canada. He has been an active participant in research activities worldwide and has a very high active index and performance evaluation. He has been an esteemed invitee for a plethora of talks and conferences in Russia and Jerusalem. He has presented papers at International Conferences hosted in Russia and New Zealand apart from many regional locales. He is on the Board of Studies of many colleges.
Dr. Joshua’s involvement in administrative roles has already been available for the college in his capacities as Vice Principal, member of the Management Council and Governing Council, and RUSA coordinator of CMS College. As nodal officer during the President’s visit for the Bicentenary launch in 2017, his service and contributions to CMS College have been laudable.
And it is not only academics that defines Dr Varghese C Joshua. He is an exemplary quiz master and has organised several competitions in various colleges in Kerala. He is a master chess enthusiast. He scripted the documentary film “Legacy of CMS College”, and offered intellectual support in the preparation of the bicentenary anthem.
The whole fraternity of CMS College welcomes with great hope and joy, its new Principal Dr Varghese C Joshua.