Excellence in research is at the core of a good Chemistry department, but a truly outstanding one reflects a broader mission. Our undergraduate and post-graduate courses are taught by our most distinguished researchers and by extraordinary educators, and we use the best teaching methods for our students. We are aimed at training new generations of scientists who will take leadership positions in research and teaching. Research is an essential component of the chemistry and biochemistry program. In CMS College Chemistry department we encourage students to work alongside with faculty on research projects and as coauthors on research publications. Students will develop critical and analytical thinking skills as they apply the knowledge and skills from your formal classrooms to cutting-edge research problems. Our graduates are well prepared to enter doctoral degree programs or to directly pursue careers in other fields such as education,  chemical, pharmaceutical industry, business, environmental science, pharmacology, toxicology, geochemistry and others.

 History of CMS College Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry was set up in 1957 under the guidance of Prof. E. T. Mathew, Former Head of the Dept. of Chemistry, University College, Thiruvananthapuram. The Department started offering postgraduate courses in 1960. It has the distinction of being the largest Department with respect to the number of teachers and Postgraduate programmes. The Chemistry Department is a Research Centre of the M.G. University from 1985 vide order no. ACAII/1/504/85 dated 29.10.1985.