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In 1806 Rev. Dr. Claudius Buchanan and Dr. Richard Hol Kerr came to Kerala. The situation of the Christians was pathetic and they had to face social ostracizing from the dominant caste and social groups. Dr. Buchanan wrote a report to the Anglican Church in London and it was well received by the authorities. They were curious to know about the Christians in Kerala. It was this visit of the Dr.Buchanan and Dr.Kerr that set the ball rolling for the establishment of the CMS in Kerala.

In this relief sculpture, artist Tinu makes the portraits of the doyens, Rev. Dr.Buchanan and Dr.Kerr. They look prominent and serious and the background visually describes the socio-economic conditions of Kerala during their first visit that is the early nineteenth century. The church in the background shows the presence of the Christians even then. The land and fields are interspersed with waterbodies and boats are the medium of transportation. The people are involved in farming and irrigation. The presence of the fields shows the agrarian economy of the Travancore state in those days.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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