Department of Family and Community Science

Family and Community Science is the profession and field of study that discuss with the health and management of home and community. This course focuses on the scientific knowledge in the lifestyle of families and communities. Subjects studied under this degree as Physiology and Microbiology, Human Development and Family Relations, Food Science and Nutrition, Family Resource Management, Textiles and Clothing, Extension and Mass Communication. The course is suitable for those who want to contribute to the welfare of society and for well being of the needy people. Professionals in the carrier can also opt for teaching jobs in Universities and Colleges, Research assistant, Child Psychologists, Councilor, Child Development Project Officer, Nutritionists and Dieticians, Microbiologist, Designers and Interior decorators. Skilled professionals can seek employment in these areas such as Bioinformatics, food industry and research institutes. The degree course is beneficial for further studies and also goes for social work programmes being undertaken by various non-governmental organizations.

Programs Offered


The B.Sc. Programme in Family and Community Science was started in 1959. The Postgraduate programme was launched in 2002.


Train students to build up ideal families and communities and motivate them to become agents of social change by stimulating their creative faculties, powers of reasoning and reflection.


  • Provide scientifically planned, multi-dimensional, skill oriented, personality development courses which enable youth to excel in areas of health, family care, community service and more importantly diverse career and professions in today’s context.

  • Provide education not only to acquire knowledge but also to inculcate a sound philosophy for holistic living.

  • Educate young girls towards independence and equality by inculcating a sense of self-worth, integrity and purpose.

  • Empower youth to respond creatively and with a sense of responsibility to the contemporary needs of the society.

  • Provide quality education and at the same time inculcate a spirit of service and dedication.

Family and Community Science