Controller of Examinations

The term and semester examinations held by the college are scheduled by the Office of the Controller of Examinations. The office headed by the independent capacity of Dr. Ravikumar C. declares and uploads the timetable for the examinations scheduled. The Exams are administered centrally by the Examinations Office. The official exam portal is activated prior to the commencement of the examinations. The Office appoints a Chief Superintendent and an Assistant Superintendent of Examinations, who in turn are assisted by a seven-member team. 

Dr. Ravikumar C
Controller of Examinations

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 99613 39584, +91 73562 77815

Dr. Rony Rajan Paul
Mr. Tinu Iype Jacob
Dr. Susan Mathew
Dr. Biju Joseph T.

Mr. Shinu Peter
Ph: 2566002 (Office) 9847189266
E-mail id: [email protected]

Mr. Riju Varkey Thomas
Mr. Ashok Alex Luke
Mr. Vishnu Prakash