The Research Ethics Committee of the college performs as the apex body that deals with everything in connection to research based on ethics. The committee, takes crucial steps to exemplify the role of ethics in research by providing proper instructions and guidelines to the students and research guides. The Research Ethics Policy of the college endeavors to promote research that pays strict attention to the laws. It is bound to make sure that the students and the research guides abide by the rules and maintain an expected decorum and fulfill their responsibilities in order to ensure that the basic human rights of every living being is respected and preserved. The committee also ensures that the scholars as well as their publications are free from all the malpractices by constantly making the students aware of the strict punishments associated with the violation of laws and practices.

  • Research Ethics Committee 

    1. Dr. Varghese C Joshua – Principal
    2. Dr.Vibin Ipe Thomas – Chemistry
    3. Mr. Raish Thomas – Librarian
    4. Dr. Jobin Mathew – Zoology
    5. Dr. Sunish K S – Chemistry
    6. Dr. Arun Kumar K – Physics
    7. Ms. Santhini Thomas – Malayalam
    8. Dr. Sibin Mathew Medayil – Sociology
    9. Dr. Sumi Mary Thomas – History
    10. Dr. Aleena Manoharan – English
    11. Dr. Basil George – Botany