Value Added Programmes

The objective of Value Added Programmes is to supplement the curriculum,  to make students develop their own interests and aptitudes and to offer corporate education, skill enhancing / career and market oriented programmes to the student community that would empower the students for future successful employment. 

It introduces the students to latest  technological developments and thereby helps them to build enriching careers. It also helps them to focus on what they are passionate about. 

By adopting the MOOC courses as the Value Added Programmes of this academic year,  the college hopes to encourage the students to tap into the resource pools of world renown education centers like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale etc., complete the course and gain the certificate. On producing these certificates at the college, the student will be eligible to gain additional credits along with their Degree. Students can pursue the courses along with their regular Degree programmes.

The following  Week Credit ratio would be followed 

Weeks          credits

4 weeks course       1 credit

5- 8 weeks course  2 credit

9-12 weeks course 3 credits

13-16 weeks course   4 credit

Every student is eligible to a maximum of 12 credits per programme.


Registration for the Value added Programme will begin on 9 Tuesday 2021 through student portal. Deadline for registration for MOOC on organic farming is 15.02.2021.

Click Here to Register using your UPRN number and your registered Phone number (Sign up during the first time)