CMS College, Kottayam (Autonomous) envisions and implements a well-defined and meticulous research policy for the development of a sustained research culture leading to the creation of new knowledge. The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) enhances and channelizes the resources of the college towards consistent quality research outcomes. Curiosity-driven research in contemporary and emerging areas with multidisciplinary relevance as well as collaborative research with various institutions and industries has been emphasized by the college.

Research facilities

  • 9 departments were recognized as research centers.
  • An extension of the Mahatma Gandhi University Library (MG Study Centre) in the campus
  • Digitized and fully automated library with Koha software for library management and the institutional software repository platform Dspce, Turnitin software for plagiarism checking.
  • Quilbot and Grammarly (access through INFED-Shibboleth) software for promoting quality publications and dissertations.
  • Digitalized Archival collection facilitating historical research.
  • Tally, SPSS, Centre for Scientific computing with software’s such as MATLAB, Gaussian 09, Quantum Chemistry software and SSP
  • Remote access to N-List and separate terminal in the library for the INFED- Shibboleth platform to access the scholarly electronic resources from Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • The availability of conference halls, a separate workspace for all research scholars and research guides
  • 24-hour accessibility to research labs is provided
  • The college receives funding from SERB, DBT, RUSA, SAP, UGC, KSCSTE, and CPE to enhance the overall infrastructure facilities of research.

Special Programmes, Financial support, and Awards

  • Scholar-in-Residence programmes, Bilateral research programmes, and international research collaborations with the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, Petrozavodsk State University and NAMRC with Toyo University, Japan
  • Establishment of Schools such as Koshy Institute of Mathematics (KIM) for the pursuit of advanced knowledge and skills through research and non-traditional courses
  • Establishment of Honorary Research Chairs for eminent scientists
  • R. E. Newton Research Grant, financial support for attending workshops and seminars, special leaves for pursuing research and higher studies and also assistance to attend training in advanced research and instrumentation.
  • Incentives for scholarly publications in Indexed Journals
  • Awards for the completion of Ph. Ds, Research Innovation awards, Research excellence awards, and Lifetime achievement awards (Bailey Medal) for promoting quality research output.
  • Encourage UG and PG students to do research throughout their academic programme to produce quality research publications and orient them to secure admission in the top international research institutions.