Department of Biotechnology (SF)

Department of Biotechnology was started in 2002 with a B.Sc. double main undergraduate program with Biotechnology and Botany as two major subjects under the self-financing stream. M.Sc. program was started in 2004. The department is well equipped with the all necessary instruments and research facilities. The department has young, enthusiastic, and well-qualified faculty members actively involved in research and teaching activities. The department has been encouraging the students to independently think as well as implement research ideas. The Department focuses on imparting quality education and providing an excellent research environment through its ongoing programs. It imparts training for students to make them competent, motivated academicians and scientists. The department has developed an extensive infrastructure facility to support the ongoing teaching and research initiatives.

Programs Offered

  • B Sc Botany and Biotechnology (Double Main)

    The B.Sc. Botany – Biotechnology (Double Main) Graduate programme of CMS College is designed as an interdisciplinary programme drawing inputs and resources from several related disciplines in biological, physical and chemical sciences. The course is designed as a technology oriented one equipping the students to get employed or pursue research objectives in any of the related fast developing areas of modern science and technology.

    The curriculum has been designed with the view of training students in the relevant fundamental and modern disciplines of Biotechnology and Botany, imparting them practical exposure to these emerging fields and widening their mental horizons, promoting the spirit of enquiry in the students, and making learning a joyful experience, as one move forward. The graduate programme in Botany and Biotechnology is a three year programme of six semesters.

  • M.Sc. Biotechnology

    The Biotechnology sector in Research and Industry is expanding which is set to augur the next major revolution in the world. Academic and Research Sectors also require interdisciplinary trained manpower to further the Biotechnology Revolution. The applied aspect of Biotechnology is now getting established with its applications in Industry, Agriculture, Health and Environment.

    The M.Sc. Biotechnology course of CMS College is designed to keep pace with changing times and technology with emphasis on applications while elucidating technology in depth. The course is structured anticipating the future needs of the Biotechnology Sector with more emphasis on imparting hands-on skills. The Post graduate programme in Biotechnology is a two year programme of four semesters. There are four components for the programme namely, the core course, elective course, practical courses and the project spread over four semesters.