Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology had its inception in 1955 with the starting of the B.Sc. Degree Programme. Till then, it was part of what was then called Natural Science. It was in 1982 that the M.Sc. Degree Programme started. The Department is the head quarters of the Zoological Society of Kerala, an organization of Zoology teachers of all the colleges affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. The building in which the Department is housed was the generous gift of Dr. P. E. Thomas, Palampadom. The Department became a Research Centre of the M.G. University in 1985 vide order no. Ac.AII/1/85.


The department envisions to foster critical thinking and learning process that cut across various disciplines of biological sciences nurturing love for nature and its inherent values towards sustainable future.


  • To instill scientific temper and research aptitude in the study of biological sciences in general and animal science in particular at micro and macro levels

  • To design appropriate curricula with innovative activities to make learning a challenging and pleasant experience

  • To inspire the learners in acquiring knowledge, skills, values and confidence to actualize their potential and contribute meaningfully to others

  • To provide sufficient knowledge and expertise for an appropriate vocation in life

  • To contribute and involve in outreach activities for the social and environmental well being

Programs Offered