Center for Career Guidance and Placement

The Center for Career Guidance & Placements (CCGP) of CMS College Kottayam acts as the bridge between the corporate world & campus. The primary objective of CCGP is to place all eligible & interested candidates according to the students’ career choices in various sectors. CCGP accomplishes this by inviting various companies to the campus and facilitating Campus Recruitment Process for the final year PG & UG students.

The CCGP of CMS has collaborated with a variety of prestigious companies working in different sectors, such as  Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, HCL, KPMG, Envestnet, Deloitte, ESAF, Syngene, Zifo, Byjus, Sutherland  MRF etc and has harnessed several job offers for the final year students.

For students inclined towards higher education, the CCGP has conducted seminars in association with pioneers in the field and students inclined towards government jobs are regularly regarding latest job notifications.

Campus placements serve as a vital avenue for college students, enabling them to access diverse job opportunities, industry exposure, networking prospects, skill enhancement and confidence building opportunities. The college facilitates this process by providing students with access to employment opportunities with various companies, thereby saving them the time and effort required for job hunting. Through campus placements, students gain exposure to different industries and companies, allowing them to familiarize themselves with a broad range of career paths and job roles. This exposure empowers students to make informed decisions about their careers based on their interests and strengths. The college has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the placement program, resulting in successful outcomes over the years.

Career counseling is a crucial component of both personal and professional growth. At the college, students have access to resources that help them identify their strengths, interests, and career aspirations, and receive guidance on how to achieve their objectives. The college offers general and discipline-specific classes to help students explore career options that align with their skills and preferences. Additionally, students are provided with information about the job market, including job duties and the necessary qualifications for various careers. They are also given advice on upgrading their skills and pursuing advanced education and training. Through these classes, students can make informed decisions about their career paths, identify opportunities for growth, and attain their professional goals.

Competitive exams are an essential aspect of the education system, and succeeding in them demands significant effort and commitment. To aid students in cracking competitive exams like NET, JAM, GATE and so on, the college takes the initiative to provide proper guidance. This includes familiarizing students with the exam pattern, syllabus, and marking scheme, as well as offering mock tests and previous years’ question papers to help students evaluate their preparation level, identify areas of strength and weakness, and improve their time management skills. Furthermore, the college invites experts from different fields to conduct classes and offer guidance to students.



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