CMS College Kottayam’s Academic Tourism Initiative

Discover the Academic Tourism Initiative at CMS College Kottayam, the pioneering institution in South India with a rich legacy that sets it apart from others in higher education. Our campus warmly embraces academic tourism, inviting visitors to explore the history, heritage, and transformative journey spanning over two centuries.

This ambitious project offers a firsthand experience of a campus that has fascinated many through films and the stories of CMS alumni. The intellectual, natural, architectural, cultural, and aesthetic treasures of the College captivate not only academics but also laymen. As part of this initiative, our grand old campus is showcased in all its glory, revealing a history marked by significant milestones. From introducing the modern higher education system in 1817 to unveiling the first Malayalam types in a printing press, CMS College Kottayam has a legacy of numerous firsts.

Historical artifacts and rare monuments showcasing the College’s legacy, along with its diversified heritage, promise an intriguing visit. The College played a pivotal role in transforming Kottayam into the ‘Aksharanagari’ or the City of Letters, contributing to the modernization of Malayalam script through groundbreaking publications. With a commitment to the finest traditions of higher education, CMS College initiated a new era of academic publication in Kerala. The establishment of the first printing office in 1821 paved the way for universalizing public instruction, communication development, and knowledge dissemination.

Nestled in the heart of Kottayam, CMS College stands tall as a historical institution of learning and research. Surrounded by a diverse ecosystem, the campus facilitates biodiversity studies on various species, including 70 endangered plants among the 560 species preserved. The expansion of the butterfly garden and the installation of bee hive further enhance the ecological awareness of visitors.

The architectural heritage of CMS College is a testament to its rich history, with every building narrating tales of the gothic tradition of architecture. The fusion of colonial and Kerala architectural styles, showcased in the chapel and classrooms, adds an academic dimension for scholars and curiosity for laymen.

Beyond history and architecture, CMS College is committed to green initiatives, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Solar panel installations contribute to the growth of renewable energy, while natural rainwater harvesting, and wells ensure a sustainable water supply. These initiatives, along with the lush virgin forest and a sculpture garden, create an inspiring and educational experience for visitors, encouraging the practice and promotion of sustainable strategies. Explore CMS College Kottayam—a harmonious blend of academic excellence, historical significance, and environmental responsibility.

Published On: January 21st, 2024Categories: Home-highlights

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