Christine Sara Abraham

Assistant Professor
Email: [email protected]


  • BSc.,Kerala University, 2010
  • MSc., University of Madras, 2012

Area of Specialization

  • Plant Physiology

My research focuses on the search for new metabolites directed towards microbes residing inside plant tissues called endophytes. By definition, endophytes are those microbes colonising healthy tissues of plants and can stimulate plants growth, increased disease resistance, improve the plants ability to withstand environmental stress and recycle nutrients.

Ultimately, these compounds, once isolated and characterized, may also have potential for use in modern medicine, agriculture, and industry. Novel antibiotics, antimycotics, immunosuppressants, and anticancer compounds are only a few examples of what has been found after the isolation and culturing of individual endophytes followed by purification and characterization of some of their natural products. The prospects of finding new drugs that may be effective candidates for treating newly developing diseases in humans, plants, and animals are great. Other applications in industry and agriculture may also be discovered among the novel products produced by endophytic microbes.

Medicinal plants are known to harbour endophytic fungi that are believed to be associated with the production of pharmaceutical products. Increasing levels of antibiotic resistance in both pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria have spurred the search for new antibiotics to control diseases. Realising the capability of microorganisms to produce diverse bioactive molecules and the existence of unexplored microbial diversity, research is underway to isolate and screen microbes from diverse habitats and unique environment for discovery of novel metabolites.

  • BY1811101       Methodology of science and an introduction to Botany
  •  BY1813103     Phycology and Bryology
  • BY1814104      Pteridology, Gymnosperms and Paleobotany
  • BY1815107      Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  •  BY1816111      Angiosperm Morphology, Taxonomy and Economic Botany
  • BY1922106      Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BY1923110      Plant Physiology and Plant Breeding
  • BY1923605      Research Methodology, Biophysical Instrumentation, Biostatistics and Microtechnique & Plant Physiology and Plant Breeding
  • BY1924302      Genetic Engineering
  • KSCSTE – SPYTiS funded UG project titled “Extraction of phycolectin from different selected marine algae of Thirumullavaram beach in Kollam district” with Anjaly Devarajan as student investigator – Rs. 8000 towards financial assistance.