Radhika G

Head of the Department
Email: [email protected]


  • B.A., Kerala University, 2000
  • M.A., Kerala University, 2002
  • M.Phil., Kerala University, 2005
  • Ph.D., Kerala University
  • B.Ed., Kerala University, 2007

Area of Specialization

  • Modern Kerala History
  • Ancient Indian History
  • Modern Indian History
  • Research area interested is the various reform movements in Kerala that emerged in 18th and 19th centuries and the political developments in Travancore, Cochin and Malabar  and its role in the development experience of the contemporary Kerala.
  • HY1811101 – Perspectives and Methodologies in Social Sciences- History
  • HY1812102-Understanding Early India: From Hunting Gatherers to Land Grants
  • HY1813104- Cultural Trends in Precolonial Kerala
  • HY1814106-Researching the Past
  • HY1815108- India: Nation in the Making
  • HY1815109- State and Society in Ancient and Medieval World
  • HY1815110 – Environmental Studies and Human Rights in Historical Outline
  • HY1815401-Social Implications of Modern Revolutions
  • HY1816111 -Making of Contemporary India
  • HY1816112 -Capitalism and Colonialism
  • HY1816801- Archaeology in India

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  1. Presented a paper titled Ayya Vaikundar and Subaltern Awakening in Kerala in the UGC sponsored national seminar titled Rethinking of Colonial and Missionary Interventions in the Making of Modern Kerala organised by Department of History, CMS College Kottayam from 9-11 March 2016.
  2. Presented a paper titled Reflections on Shannar Agitation in the UGC sponsored two day national seminar at Government Arts and Science College, Kozhikode from 7-8 November 2018.
  3. Served as moderator of the seminar on renaissance held on 11 November 2018 as a part of 82nd anniversary of Temple Entry Proclamation organised by Information and Public Relations ,Kerala District Administration ,Kottayam
  4. Presented a paper Megalithic Culture in Kerala at one day Bridge Course on Archaeology at St. Mary’s College, Manarcaud, Kottayam on 9 July 2019.
  5. Presented a paper titled Revisiting Shannar Agitation and its Human Rights Perspective: Historical reflections in Indian History Congress from 28-30 december 2019.
  6. Webinar on Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Freedom Movement on 24 August 2020 at Christian College, Katttakada
  7. Served as moderator of the seminar titled Malayala bhasha Dinapatragalum Swathantra Samaravum jointly organised by Department of History and Department of Archaeology on 12 August 2022.
  8. Presented a paper titled Research Methodology in Local History: Prospects and Challenges in the two day national seminar organized by the Department of Malayalam, CMS College Kottayam from 30-31 October 2023.
  9. Presented a paper titled A Movement for Social Justice: Remembering Vaikom Satyagraha in the national seminar organised by the Department of History, Carmel College, Mala from 10-11 November 2023.