Dr. Reenu Jacob

Vice Principal, Assistant Professor
Email: [email protected]


  • B.Sc., Kerala University, 1992
  • M.Sc., Kerala University, 1994
  • UGC NET, 1996
  • B.Ed, MG University, 1998
  • Phd, MG University, 2018

Area of Specialization

  • Material Science

The research focusses on the characterization studies of the synthesized ferroelectric ceramic materials and the enhancement in their behavior and properties when these samples are reinforced with bio fibers.

  • The X ray diffraction studies of the ceramic samples confirm the polycrystalline nature and the existence of strain which got additional evidence with the optical characterization studies.
  • The calorimetric studies conducted indicate enhanced thermal resistance and better fiber/matrix adhesion of the fabricated composites.
  • The electrical transport investigations emphasize the hopping mechanism for conduction in the ceramic samples, and the dielectric and impedance spectroscopy results validate the Cole-Cole behaviors. Furthermore, it is even more obvious that reinforcement resulted in higher effective dielectric constant values.
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis studies the viscoelastic behavior of the Jute reinforced ceramic-PP composite relating the relevant stiffness and damping character of the fabricated composite. DMA studies conclude the enhanced mechanical properties of the fabricated Jute reinforced ceramic -PP composites. The storage modulus values obtained from the DMA data are further evaluated using the predicted theoretical models. The models implemented are in good agreement with the experimental data obtained.

Relevant publications:


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