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Church Missionary Society (CMS) was founded in 1799 in London for undertaking missionary works in Asia and Africa. It was initiated by the Evangelical clergy of the Church of England. The missionaries of the Church of England believed in the Bible, personal conversion and piety. In 1812, the mission was renamed as Church Missionary Society for Africa and East. During its first ten years it sent only five missionaries to work amongst the non-Christians but it gradually gained support and expanded its work.

In his relief work, Joy Kodikkal depicts the founding history of the CMS. The coat of arms like emblem shows the founding year, 1799. The founding fathers are shown as angels conjoined in their wings forming a protecting cover to the symbol. Angelic figures are seen on the onside making a great leap of faith into the unknown territories. The footprints on the left side of the panel connote the expanses that the missionaries have walked to spread education and faith among the people.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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