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Legends and lore say that Benjamin Bailey, as he grew impatient while waiting for the press to come from his home land, he got one press built in the CMS College premises. However, historians dispute this. They say that Bailey used the printing press that came from London in 1821 as a model to indigenously develop a press completely in wood. The choice of medium must have been the availability of good wood and the artisans and also it shows the lack of foundry and technology to case the heavy parts of the press. Bailey took the help of the local expert carpenters and built a new press and it is preserved in the CMS College museum.

In Vinu VV’s relief sculpture one could see the workshop in which the wooden press was built. Various components of the press are made and kept for final assembling. Three carpenters are seen meticulously working on the intricate parts. While the craftsmen are shown in bare torso the fourth person is seen wearing a full sleeve shirt and is benevolently and patronizingly touching the shoulder of the master carpenter. This person must be Benjamin Bailey himself, encouraging and appreciating the work of the carpenters. In history, often the patrons are mentioned while the workers are consigned to obscurity. Vinu VV makes a change for good in his relief panel.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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