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In 1821 Colonel James Welsh, a Military Officer from the English East India Company visited the CMS College and was impressed by its campus and educational facilities including the well-stocked library. He said that ‘the library containing 2250 elegantly bound volumes of theology, Astronomy, Mathematics and history, in short every other science, English, French, Latin, Greek, Syriac, Hebrew, Malayalam, Persian, Arabic and German languages as well as a repository of scientific instruments-all of which are of best quality.’

Nishad MP lets his imagination loose when he works on this relief sculpture. Keeping the developments in astronomy and the arrival of telescope in the CMS College, Nishad tries to depict how the common people might have imagined and experienced their tryst with telescope. They were made to see the ‘celestial bodies’ that they might have interpreted as angels. Hence, in this work one could see men looking through telescopes and also angels resting on the raised windows and platforms. The college is geometrically represented and also the hillock where the college is situated is also suggested by a line of trees in a receding perspective.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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