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In 1880 August 14th King Visakham Thirunal visited the CMS College. Maharaja Swati Thirunal had visited the College in 1836. Rev. Clement Alfred Neev was the Principal at that time. Maharaja Visakham Thirunal was a Fellow at the Madras University and he had taken a great interest in the overall educational progress of the Travancore Kingdom. The visit was marked by great festivities and the students and teachers at the CMS College came together to give the King a befitting welcome. He visited the lecture halls, library and other facilities and expressed his satisfaction. Maharaja in his speech emphasized the need for vocational training along with erudition. His Highness also promised that he would always keep the CMS College in his mind and do whatever was required to be done.

In his relief work Jubiliant Unni celebrates the visit of the Maharaja Visakham Thirunal. The King is represented in a royal medallion frame. The King is in his royal attire and his gaze is benevolent. It gives the feeling that the King is looking at the audience with a benign smile on his lips. The royal nature of the occasion is visually mentioned with the elaborate curtains and settings. There is a fair amount of theatricality in this presentation.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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