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In 1821 Colonel James Welsh, a Military Officer from the English East India Company visited the CMS College and was impressed by its campus and educational facilities including the well-stocked library. He said that ‘the library containing 2250 elegantly bound volumes of theology, Astronomy, Mathematics and history, in short every other science, English, French, Latin, Greek, Syriac, Hebrew, Malayalam, Persian, Arabic and German languages as well as a repository of scientific instruments-all of which are of best quality.’

This historical document seen in the military records as well as in the archives of the college is visualized as relief sculpture by artist Nishad MP. A well furbished library is seen along the walls with ‘elegantly bound volumes’ as mentioned by Col. James Welsh. A foreshortened table occupies major part of the relief frame and on which one could see a globe, a plough and an emblematic human nose. On a table adjacent to it, there is a telescope and a souvenir-like sculpture of a sailing ship. Each has a symbolic value; the globe shows scientific understanding of the world, plough shows the connection between the local people and the importance of agriculture, nose is an artistic device to show the idea of ‘nose for knowledge’, the telescope represents maritime and astronomical leaps that Great Britain could achieve, and the sail ship is nothing but the maritime feats of Britain.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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