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When Rev.Askwith was the principal of CMS College, in 1905 he started the College Day Celebrations. It was an absolute novelty for the students then. They enjoyed it thoroughly and found it a day and a platform for displaying their extra-curricular abilities. The best student was given a Wall Clock as a prize and the second-best student was given a violin. One could almost deduce the importance of a clock and a violin based on the prominence given to them in the prize list; a clock was more covetable than a violin. A scientific novelty, the clock could push the violin, a musical instrument to second place.

Mibin in his relief work goes a bit into an imaginative and symbolic narrative than sticking to the representational style. Following the theological tradition of depicting divinity, two male figures are brought in place of the angels of the heavens who herald the heavenly prizes to the just and wise. They hold the clock in their hands while symmetrically fly and float in the frame. The celebrations are seen below as if the stars are sprouting from the stage to which there are steps from either sides; a sort of ascending to the heights of excellence. To complete the symmetry, the artist has given two flower-like images to flourish the relief sculptural frame.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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