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The Great Hall is a monumental heritage hall at CMS College. Started by Principal French Adams in 1892 the building process went on for a couple of years and the result was a huge hall in the central Travancore that could accommodate around five hundred people. The construction was huge and magnificent in proportion, size and intent, and even today it remains so though its physical proportions have become comparatively small. So many personalities have performed and lectured in this hall. Each one belongs to the larger and wider extended family of the CMS College cherishes the beauty of it and the beautiful moment he or she has spent there.

In this relief work Mibin has tried to capture the magnificence of the edifice without losing the perspective and proportion. A much recognized structure is a challenge to an artist for it would be judged soon by the practiced eyes that have seen the building quite often and awed at it. Mibin makes a Great Hall perhaps of that lives in legends and memories than making a miniature relief replica of the structure. Hence, we see a Great Hall suspended in time and memories. The squares amidst which we see the Great Hall in fact are the stepping stones of history that have paved the way for its building and the very idea behind it.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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