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Rev. F. N. Askwith was the Principal of the CMS College from early 1900s. In 1905 the first College Day was celebrated under his guidance and leadership. Askwith was constantly in pursuit of the excellence of his wards. He wanted them to be rounded personalities excelling not only in arts and science but also in physical culture. All his experiments and developments were connected; when he admitted female students to the college in 1913, he wanted to create an integrated society. When he nurtured a physical culture, Askwith wanted to create mental, physical, and social health among the students. The men’s hostel also provided an opportunity for him to get students to the grounds to play sports and games after study hours. He got a playground ready and introduced various games including football.

Askwith in Saji Raphael’s relief sculpture is seen in profile but in all prominence towards the left side of the surface. He holds a ball in his hand and the spectacled face of his seems to be in a scholarly contemplation of the ball as if it were a globe. The gesture of the hand is almost prayer, and the artist imparts the idea of Askwith’s sincerity. The metaphorical value of the ball as a globe is potent enough to tell the onlookers that he was connecting his institution to the world through sports and games too. The heritage building of the college including the great hall is seen in the background and the post-study games are in progress in the playground. The trees lining the ground have given a sylvan feel to the relief work.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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