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There was a grammar school as a part of the Kottayam College. In England the secondary schools that taught grammar, language and the basics of other subjects were called Grammar Schools. Kottayam Grammar School followed that model. The missionaries wanted to establish three grammar schools. One was in Kottayam and the other two were in Munroe Island and Cacard respectively. These schools were supposed to be the nurseries for the college. It was in 1820 the missionaries sent a proposal for this to the Madras Corresponding Committee.

In this relief work symbolically represents the Grammar School established in the Munroe Island. The geographical status is established through a maze like structure created by waves of water and expanses of fields. The lands removed from the island could be seen trying to reach out through the layers of this maze. The artist has used an imaginary aerial view of the location that gives a huge visual impact to the relief sculpture.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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