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Col. Munroe was keen to liberate the kingdom of Travancore from its socio-political weaknesses. The caste system was one debilitating factor. Munroe understood that only through education and related missionary works one could bring those changes around. The establishment of the Kottayam College was to that end. Benjamin Bailey, Rev. Joseph Fenn and Rev. Henry Baker were the stalwarts who established the college and raised its educational standards at par with the British ones. Rev. Joseph Fenn along with Rev. Norton helped in establishing schools and introducing English education. Rev. Baker became the Controller of Examinations. In the meanwhile Bailey went on with his efforts in translation and printing various literatures.

Tinu looks at this historical backdrop of the CMS College and brings three of the founding fathers in the same sculptural frame. Rev. Fenn, Rev. Baker and Bailey are depicted and their contributions are given in sculptural parenthesis. The erudition of these personalities is seen in the serious looks on their faces. Their devotion to the cause of education and social progress makes them the luminaries of Kerala’s history. Tinu pays rich tribute to these major figures in his sculptural relief.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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