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Benjamin Bailey and his printing press had revolutionized the cultural landscape of Kerala. In 1848, Njananikshepam (The Treasury of Knowledge) came out from the CMS Press established by Bailey. It was a magazine in periodicity and its aim was to spread both spiritual and worldly awareness among the public. Rev. Henry Baker Jr., his wife Frances Annkichin, Rev. George Mathan and so on contributed immensely to enrich the content of the journal. Rev Mathan translated so many scientific essays to Malayalam from English and got them published in Njananikshepam.  Mrs.Frances Baker illustrated the articles with beautiful pictures.

In Vishnu’s relief sculpture one could not miss the patriarch, Benjamin Bailey sitting right in the middle of the publishing house, which is the CMS Press. He is engrossed in reading an article, perhaps reading the proof or double checking the facts revealed in the content. The posture is authoritative though the seat is simple, comfortable and support alertness. On the right end of the relief frame the presence of printing press cannot be missed. The artist has added gigantic structures jutting out from the frame in order to establish the gravity of the history that he has dealt with in the relief. The heaviness of the time, space, personality and the event is justified through these relief motifs.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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