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Education at CMS College always focused on the merit of the students and during the initial years when the native students were reluctant to come forward to enroll, the college had to show its excellence through the merits of the available students. The training was rigorous and the Principals and teachers, both the foreign and the native ones, spent their energies in making the students excel in the studies. Slowly the number of students increased and examining them was systematized.

In this mural artist Mibin does not resort to a sort of illustration of the historical facts. Instead, the artist likes to bring in the layered examination system in an expressionistic way. The educational path is never straight and smooth. Students had to go through several trying moments while gathering information and processing them into knowledge. This zigzag path of education and the final exam are depicted in a layered way in this mural. Mibin likes to introduce a perforated flower-like abstract form in most of his works. One could also see a mythological bird flying with the promises of the future; a deliverance of degree/divine status among the mortals through education and passing of the examinations.

Published On: January 27th, 2024Categories: Relief Sculpture

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