Expected Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

Cognitive Level PSO.No.
1 Recall the basic concepts of Biotechnology and explain fundamental cellular events during the process of plant cell culture developmen U 1
2 Determine the factors influencing plant cell differentiation and thereby execute proper techniques/ procedures for the maintenance of sterile condition and proper plant growth AP 2
3 Apply learned techniques in new or similar situations AZ 3
4 Translate the concepts in future studies and debate on the issue related to GMOs and evaluate its significances AZ 4
5 Express the concerns over modern plant biotechnology and analyze them according to the regulatory frame works E 5
6 Differentiate various types of intellectual property rights and report measures for conservation of biodiversity U 1
7 Design an experiment with step-by-step instructions to address a research problem C 3

*PSO – Program Specific Outcome; R-Remember; U-Understanding; Ap-Apply; An-Analyze; E-Evaluate; C-Create.