Board of Studies – Political Science

Chairman (Head of the Department)
Sri. Ashok Alex Luke, HOD, Department of Political Science, CMS College Kottayam

Experts (Two subject experts from outside the parent University to be nominated by the Academic Council)
Prof. Joseph Antony, Former Director, Department of Political Science, Kerala University, Kariyavattom. Phone-9847897595
Dr. Samuel J Kuruvilla, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Kerala University, Kariyavattom. Phone- 9249102321

University Nominee (One expert nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from a panel of six experts recommended by the principal)
Dr. M.V Biju Lal, Assistant Professor, School of International Relations and Politics, MG University Kottayam. Ph- 9400233357

Beneficiary Representative (One representative from industry, corporate sector, and allied area relating to placement)
Dr. D Dhanuraj, Chairman Centre for Public Policy Research, Ernakulam. Ph-0484- 4043895

Alumni Representative (One meritorious alumnus who has completed a Post Graduate Programme of the University, to be nominated by the Principal)
Sri. Bibu V.N, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Political Science, St. Xaviers College, Vaikom. Mob-9744248914.

Minutes of the Board of Studies Meetings

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